Contagion Review

This is another game where I wish you had a third option besides just yes/no. But since I do not think it’s a yes then I have to choose no.

This game has way too many flaws to recommend which is a shame because I think it expanded on Left 4 Dead by adding different types of game modes and being able to ADS.

The biggest problem with the game is that it crashes all the time. If you finish a game and decide to switch to another server “crash”. If you are waiting for the next round “crash”. It crashes at least once every game session I have with it. I have friends who play and it happens to them also.

The other problem are bugs/glitches in the game. For example, in extraction mode survivors can get stuck and will not move, even if you tag them to follow you. I’ve had this happen on numerous occasions. Other times they just get stuck on ladders and you have to go all the way back when you realize they’re not following you to tag them to unfollow then tag to follow again but take a different route so they don’t get stuck on ladders again. Another problem with extraction is the route to lead the survivors doesn’t always show up on the phone. So you’re left wondering which way to go. Then there are glitches where you get stuck yourself and basically have to kill yourself to get free.

Other issues are gameplay issues. There is no mini-map. I don’t have a huge problem with the concept of not having it except you have no idea what to do and where to go on a bunch of maps. The hints on the phone aren’t helpful. For example on Roanaoke PD there are a couple of escape routes in the game. I’m not going to give anything away except that once you find the armory it doesn’t tell you what to do next so you’re left roaming around until you get somewhere that triggers the next hint. Obviously after you’ve played it you now know but for new players they’ll have no idea and this is a long play session map. It’s just annoying. If there were at least arrows or something to point you in the right direction that would be helpful.

While I do enjoy playing this game with friends, I think until some of these major issues are fixed I can’t recommend this game. Some of these have been complained about for a long time so odds are this game isn’t going to be improved. If you get it on a cheap sale it might be worth it otherwise there are better zombie games out there.

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