Grab Killing Floor – Tripwire’s Zed Slaughtering Engine for Free





Humble Bundle is giving away free copies of Tripwire’s popular Killing Floor co-op first person shooter and also have put Killing Floor 2 on sale for 50% off ($14.99), the Digital Deluxe Edition is also 50% off ($19.99) with the Digital Deluxe Upgrade going for 50% off as well ($5.00). These are the same prices currently available on Steam during their Steam Summer Sale. Good timing as Killing Floor 2 is currently undergoing it’s Summer Sideshow Event.

There are special event challenges called Weekly Outbreaks where completing the challenge unlocks weapon skins or other cosmetics. Also the game drops carnival tickets that when five are collected, can be redeemed for event specific cosmetic hats, masks or face paint.

The game has surged from around 2,000-3,000 concurrent players to over 9,000 during the event. And with the free key giveaway for Killing Floor, that games player base has catapulted from a few hundred to over 7,000 as of this writing.

So head over to Humble Bundle to grab that free key before they are all gone.