Unturned Review

If you enjoy griefing or DayZ with Minecraft graphics, this game is for you. PvP is a griefers dream here. However PvE is a toxic wasteland as people still would rather grief than grind out to get their loot. Having hosted a PvE server on Easy it is amazing how awful this community is. Set the rules on the server for no griefing, hard time finding adult admins to police the server and players just want to grief. You could slay a hundred a day and it would make no difference. Endless supply of griefers.

I understand griefing on PvP or on harder servers, but coming to a PvE server on easy and still griefing…I don’t get it. So if what I say is how you play or want to play, then you’ve come to the right game and community. For me, I’m not impressed.

Otherwise it is a lovely crafting game where you can build elaborate bases or structures and create shops where you can barter items you collect with other players. This is the fun aspect of the game which gets ruined by people who just want to be trolls.

Score: Fail

My fishing base

My fishing deck

Fishing off my deck

An old wooden home with a great view

My hardware shop

New metal base

From Yukon map