Call Of Duty: World At War Review

The fact that Jack Bauer is yelling at you all game is worth it! CoD WaW offered up a 4 player Co-Op campaign. The only CoD game to offer this level of play sans Zombies. Playing the campaign with even just two other people was a lot of fun. Calling out to watch your six and just be in the middle of total carnage with your buddies is a fun and worthwhile experience.

That being said, the real gem is the Zombies mode. Battle waves of Zombies on your own to survive and complete objectives or have as many friends help you out. Treyarch allowed modding with this game and so the community built two really amazing Zombie mods.

The first one was called The Rising and was similar to the regular Zombie mode pre-built in the game with the exception of allowing more players and custom maps. This is currently what most people play today. I’m a fan but there was an even better mod released.

ZombieX is a modification of the regular Call of Duty World at War game. When the map starts, everyone is a hunter and a clock ticks down from 1:30 to 0. When it reaches 0, one random hunter is selected as the First Zombie.

The First Zombie starts out with 1,050 health and the ability to infect hunters by swiping them. All other Zombies get 450 health and can’t infect hunters but can still swipe them, explode on them and puke on them, slowing them down. You also gain the ability to throw limbs when 35% of the players on the map are Zombies. You must infect/kill hunters to change them into zombies.

Hunters start out with a health level of 100, but get 3 bottles of Granny’s Special Sodas which give you 20 health points when you drink it. So you shouldn’t drink one until you’re at a health level of 80 or lower. Hunters also get 3 mines which can kill a zombie instantly. If a hunter becomes infected, he must drink two bottles of Granny’s Special Sodas to stop the infection. If you are out of sodas you can call a medic using the quick chat zombie options. If another hunter has a spare bottle, they can give it to you.

There are Pandora’s Boxes spread out across the map in different locations. When a hunter opens the box, he can get a different weapon, an extra mine or an extra bottle of Granny’s Special Soda. It’s random so you could end up with a handgun. You don’t have to take it, but you have to wait about 5-10 seconds before you can open the box again. Zombies can only get two useful items out of the box. A rat or hunk of flesh that restores your health +50 or the ability (if you are not the first zombie) to infect one hunter in the round.

So it’s Zombies vs. Hunters and whoever is left standing at the end wins. Most of the time it’s the Zombies.

Unfortunately the community died off pretty rapidly once Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 came out and was basically dead by Call of Duty Black Ops. KiLL3R has kept his server up but it’s usually empty most of the time.

While the ZombieX mod doesn’t have the players anymore I still recommend getting this game today and playing the Co-Op campaign or the Nazi Zombies mode.

Here is an image from the Zombotron mod made by Zod. You can see videos of it on YouTube.

Zombotron Mod

Here are some images from the ZombieX mod. You can find videos on YouTube.

Waiting for the Zombies

I’ve got your banana right here