Humble Telltale Games Bundle

Humble Telltale Games Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle released today is from Telltale Games called the Humble Telltale Games Bundle. Offering $275 worth of great games including the zombie thriller The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2, plus the miniseries Michonne. There are three tiers and as always, purchases help support charity. All keys redeemable on Steam.

The first tier, pay $1 or more gets you nine games and is easily worth way more than the $1 minimum.

The second tier is pay more than the average which stands at $8.04 as of writing. Again more than worth the price.

The last tier is pay $15 to unlock everything and if you don’t own any of these games I would definitely pick this tier.

The bundle will be available for another 13 days and 18 hours as of writing, so maybe saunter but not run to Humble Bundle to take advantage of the deal.