Killing Floor 2 Coming to Xbox One Platform

Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive announced yesterday that their popular Zed slaughtering FPS Co-op game Killing Floor 2 will be arriving on the Xbox One platform on August 29th.

I’ve confirmed via a Tweet from Tripwire that it will not be a Play Anywhere title and will not have cross network play between Xbox One and PC players due to balance differences and the fact that they use Steamworks and that apparently will not work with Xbox Live. I find that odd since Rocket League uses Steamworks and has cross network play with Xbox One. They also mentioned via a Tweet that they are working on a new boss, however it will be awhile before it shows up.

The Xbox One version will have a timed exclusive weapon and cosmetic skins and Wasteland Armor skin that will eventually make their way to PS4 and PC players.

This new weapon is called the Freezethrower and allows you to freeze zeds like the freeze grenade and shatter them. This gun is for the Survivalist Perk and will come with eight different skins. There will also be exclusive access to the Wasteland Armor cosmetic uniform, with 5 different skin styles.

The game will retail for $39.99. Over on Reddit you can see a screenshot of the Freezethrower.