Dying Light Getting 10 New Free DLC’s Over Next 12 Months

Dying Light, released 2.5 years ago is receiving 10 new free DLC’s over the next 12 months according to developers Techland. Watch the video below for more information.

It currently sits with a very positive rating on Steam with 92% of reviewers giving it a thumbs up. It lists for $59.99 and usually goes on sale for $23.99, at least it has for the past couple of Steam sales. The free DLC will be available on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC). In the video they claim at launch they saw 700K active players and as of May 2017 it was only down to 500K. According to SteamSpy however it has been 200K or less since the beginning of July which is still a pretty sizeable player base but peak concurrent players have been hovering between 3,538 and 5,489 which wouldn’t rank it in the top 100 games played on Steam. Perhaps this will give it a boost.