Polygon Provides Early Access Review for Epic Game’s Fortnite


Polygon posted today an early access review of Epic Games zombie survival co-op Fortnite. Fortnite recently released into early access on July 25th. Fortnite will be a free to play game when it’s released in 2018, however they are actually charging people to play it during early access with several different tiers of pricing. From as low as $39.99 to as high as a $150 package. Polygon’s Charlie Hall seemed to find the game entertaining but frustrating at the same time. Since this will be a free to play game there is loot drops.

There is such a constant flood of materials and rewards coming at the player that it’s almost overwhelming. Trouble is that even once I started to get a handle on what all of the rewards meant, very little of the game’s loot is actually useful. Charlie Hall

This is probably partly due to the early access nature of the game, but he says players could end up spending a boatload trying to get useful items. According to the review people are already talking about a lack of enough content.

Charlie played the PC version as the game is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well. I’ve been interested in this game since it was first announced but will wait until it’s full release before giving it a try, especially since I’d rather be paid to beta test a game, not the other way around.