Killing Floor 2 Part of the Humble Bundle Monthly Subscription

Humble Monthly

The Humble Bundle Monthly is a $12 a month curated subscription of games, most of which are redeemable on Steam or are DRM free. The latest monthly that will be released in September includes Killing Floor 2. This game alone retails for $29.99 and the lowest price on record so far has been $12.12 at GamersGate. The lowest it has been on Steam and the Humble Store is $14.99 according to Killing Floor 2 is easily worth the $12 subscription price since you’ll be receiving several other games in the bundle that are TBA. By subscribing now you get immediate access to Killing Floor 2 and the rest of the bundle the first week in September. Each game in the bundle is yours to keep forever as these are Steam keys or DRM free downloads. You can get a slight discount if you pay for 12, 6 or 3 month plans in advance, but if you just choose month to month you’re able to cancel at anytime.

Killing Floor 2 currently has a “very positive” rating overall on Steam at 87% and usually hovers in the top 100 games being played on Steam. ZHK plans on reviewing Killing Floor 2 soon, look for that review in the coming weeks.