Bundle Stars Summer Sale Ongoing – Here are the Zombie Game Deals

Bundle Stars Summer Sale

Bundle Stars has a summer sale going on with new deals everyday. Today I took a look at their sales in order to ferret out all the zombie game deals I could find. Below is that list of gems and turds, but all are zombie focused games with discounts at the time of this writing.

Killing Floor

Killing Floor is a co-op wave based shooter, where you kill Zeds. They’re sort of like zombies. We are fans of the Killing Floor series here. It is 80% off ($3.99).

Steam Page 96% positive rating
SteamSpy Page 96,682 players in the past two weeks

Gas Guzzlers Extreme

While not primarily a zombie game, Gas Guzzlers Extreme has a DLC called Full Metal Zombie. It offers two game modes to the game, Defend the Base and Survival. Bundle Stars has the Gold Pack on sale for 75% off ($8.74). The Gold Pack includes all the DLC.

Steam Page 86% positive rating
SteamSpy Page: 4,697 players over past two weeks

Farm For Your Life

Build, maintain and defend your farm from the zombie apocalypse. Currently 60% off ($3.99).

Steam Page 80% positive rating
SteamSpy Page 783 players over past two weeks

Dead Island Retro Revenge

Get 50% off Dead Island Retro Revenge, a side scrolling 16-bit action game. 50% off ($2.49).

Steam Page 46% positive rating
SteamSpy Page 588 players over past two weeks

Dead Island Definitive Edition

The co-op zombie title Dead Island is 50% off ($9.99).

Steam Page 72% positive rating
SteamSpy Page 9,199 players over past two weeks

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition

The expansion co-op Dead Island Riptide is also 50% off ($9.99).

Steam Page 67% positive rating
SteamSpy Page 3,523 players in past two weeks

Zombies On A Plane

This is a wave based zombie shooter that launched at a ludicrous price of $19.99. Since no one bought it because it was not very good, they finally dropped the price to $4.99, which is probably still too much. Bundle Stars has it at 75% off ($1.24), which may now be worth it.

Steam Page 28% positive rating
SteamSpy Page too few players in the past two weeks