GamersGate End of Summer Sale Begins Today – Here are the Zombie Discounts

GamersGate End of Summer Sale

GamersGate is having an end of summer “sale”. This is different from the summer sale they had back in June. That celebrated the summer and this is celebrating the end of summer? Who wants to celebrate the end of summer. Sunshine, warm weather that just makes the zombies smell just so putrid. Anyway, the sale starts today and ends on September 10th and will have new deals every couple of days. So to help you find the zombie deals, I’ve done some digging and have found only a couple so far.

VRZ Torment

This is a first person, single-player zombie action shooter that also support VR through the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It is 48% off ($10.39).

Steam Page 77% positive rating
SteamSpy Page 585 players in the past two weeks

Survivor Squad

Survivor Squad is a single and multi-player top down survival action zombie game. It’s an insane 91% off (only $0.28).

Steam Page 67% positive ratings
SteamSpy Page 974 players in the past two weeks

Survivor Squad Gauntlets

Survivor Squad Gauntlets is more of the same except without the multi-player. It’s 82% off ($0.90).

Steam Page 66% positive ratings
SteamSpy Page too few players in last two weeks to report

Final Exam

Final Exam is more of a monster game than zombies, but it’s the same feel. This is a single or multi-player co-op action beat ’em up. For a 4 year old game the graphics are pretty neat. It’s 890% off ($2.00). Buy a few copies and share with your friends for co-op action.

Steam Page 86% positive ratings
SteamSpy Page 1,461 players in past two weeks

That’s about all I could dig up so far. The sale will update every couple of days so you can check back at for new deals.