GamersGate End of Summer Sale Begins Today – Here are the Zombie Discounts

GamersGate End of Summer Sale

GamersGate is having an end of summer “sale”. This is different from the summer sale they had back in June. That celebrated the summer and this is celebrating the end of summer? Who wants to celebrate the end of summer. Sunshine, warm weather that just makes the zombies smell just so putrid. Anyway, the sale starts today and ends on September 10th and will have new deals every couple of days. So to help you find the zombie deals, I’ve done some digging and have found only a couple so far.

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Bundle Stars Summer Sale Ongoing – Here are the Zombie Game Deals

Bundle Stars Summer Sale

Bundle Stars has a summer sale going on with new deals everyday. Today I took a look at their sales in order to ferret out all the zombie game deals I could find. Below is that list of gems and turds, but all are zombie focused games with discounts at the time of this writing. Continue reading

Killing Floor 2 Part of the Humble Bundle Monthly Subscription

Humble Monthly

The Humble Bundle Monthly is a $12 a month curated subscription of games, most of which are redeemable on Steam or are DRM free. The latest monthly that will be released in September includes Killing Floor 2. This game alone retails for $29.99 and the lowest price on record so far has been $12.12 at GamersGate. The lowest it has been on Steam and the Humble Store is $14.99 according to Killing Floor 2 is easily worth the $12 subscription price since you’ll be receiving several other games in the bundle that are TBA. By subscribing now you get immediate access to Killing Floor 2 and the rest of the bundle the first week in September. Continue reading

Polygon Provides Early Access Review for Epic Game’s Fortnite


Polygon posted today an early access review of Epic Games zombie survival co-op Fortnite. Fortnite recently released into early access on July 25th. Fortnite will be a free to play game when it’s released in 2018, however they are actually charging people to play it during early access with several different tiers of pricing. From as low as $39.99 to as high as a $150 package. Continue reading

Killing Floor 2 Coming to Xbox One Platform

Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive announced yesterday that their popular Zed slaughtering FPS Co-op game Killing Floor 2 will be arriving on the Xbox One platform on August 29th.

I’ve confirmed via a Tweet from Tripwire that it will not be a Play Anywhere title and will not have cross network play between Xbox One and PC players due to balance differences and the fact that they use Steamworks and that apparently will not work with Xbox Live. I find that odd since Rocket League uses Steamworks and has cross network play with Xbox One. They also mentioned via a Tweet that they are working on a new boss, however it will be awhile before it shows up. Continue reading

Zombie Kill of the Week Reborn, Telltale’s Walking Dead On Sale at GamersGate

Zombie Kill of the Week - Reborn

The Walking Dead

Merge Games is having a sale at GamersGate and popular 2D action zombie game Zombie Kill of the Week Reborn is on sale for just $1.05 (85% off). Because it’s also a multi-player game, you can get a 4-pack for just $3.00 (also 85% off).

The key is redeemable on Steam where it currently have a Very Positive rating with 95% giving it a thumbs up.

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Humble Telltale Games Bundle

Humble Telltale Games Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle released today is from Telltale Games called the Humble Telltale Games Bundle. Offering $275 worth of great games including the zombie thriller The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2, plus the miniseries Michonne. There are three tiers and as always, purchases help support charity. All keys redeemable on Steam.

The first tier, pay $1 or more gets you nine games and is easily worth way more than the $1 minimum.

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The Final Station – 67% Off @ Humble Bundle Store

The Final Station, a 2D pixel graphics survival/adventure game published by tinyBuild is 67% off at the Humble Bundle Store. It will be $4.94 for the next 3 days and 20 hours and the key is redeemable on Steam.

It currently sits with a Very Positive rating on Steam with 84% giving it a thumbs up with over 2,000 reviews.

An apt day for a discount of a zombie game, the day after the father of modern zombies passed away.