RIP George Romero

A sad thing happened yesterday. The creator of the modern zombie horror genre, George A. Romero passed away from lung cancer. He was 77 years old.

Romero was not the first to create zombie horror films, but he was the first to use infectious disease as the cause and create the rambling, wandering brain eating zombies we know and love today. It all started with his 1968 film Night of the Living Dead which, through some misfortune of his own doing is a Public Domain movie that anyone can freely download and watch. He went on to create a few sequels all relying on the same brain starved slow moving zombies.

His zombie creations didn’t just inspire movies like Shaun of the Dead and the remake of Dawn of the Dead, but he also inspired many zombie games and starred in Call of Duty Black Op’s Call of the Dead zombie expansion where he was basically impossible to kill. Unless you use the Dragunov apparently.

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Latest Humble Bundle is from Capcom with Great Zombie games like Resident Evil and Dead Rising

The latest Humble Bundle released today is from Capcom called the Capcom Rising Bundle. Offering $229 worth of great games. There are three tiers and some bonuses and as always, purchases help support charity.

The first tier, pay $1 or more gets you three games.

  • Strider which retails normally for $15 and currently sits at a very positive 87% with Steam users. Strider is a Metroidvania type platformer that was released in 2014. This game has Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.
  • Umbrella Corps which was Capcom’s PVP shooter take on Resident Evil. It currently lists for $30, $40 for a Deluxe Version exists. The game however has been poorly received. It currently stands at Mostly Negative with just 34% giving it a “Yes” vote. The game released over a year ago June 21, 2016. According to Steam Spy the game has only 8,800 owners. Not good for a multiplayer game. It also show under 1,000 people have played it in the last two weeks. It has Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. My advice if you get this tier, farm the cards and sell them.
  • DmC: Devil May Cry a very good Action Hack and Slash game and the fifth installment in the Devil May Cry series serving as a reboot. It currently sits with Very Positive review with 94% giving it a “Yes”. The game was released in 2013 and has both Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

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Call Of Duty: World At War Review

The fact that Jack Bauer is yelling at you all game is worth it! CoD WaW offered up a 4 player Co-Op campaign. The only CoD game to offer this level of play sans Zombies. Playing the campaign with even just two other people was a lot of fun. Calling out to watch your six and just be in the middle of total carnage with your buddies is a fun and worthwhile experience.

That being said, the real gem is the Zombies mode. Battle waves of Zombies on your own to survive and complete objectives or have as many friends help you out. Treyarch allowed modding with this game and so the community built two really amazing Zombie mods. Continue reading

Killing Floor 2 Hosting 2x XP Weekend As Summer Sideshow Event Enters Last Few Days

Killing Floor 2 has been hosting a Summer Sideshow event since June 12th and like all good things, it must come to an end. To celebrate the conclusion the developers are offering double XP through Tuesday July 11th at 1pm EST when the event ends. Tripwire is also increasing the ticket drop chances and item drop rate. As pointed out by this Steam user the odds of getting all the cosmetics are impossible, at least in one go around. These cosmetics will surely be back for next year’s Summer Sideshow. So save those tickets! Continue reading

Deadlight Review

If you’re not great at platformers, don’t worry, this game is gentle. Great story and easy accessibility. Worth the current sale price. I haven’t really played platformers in decades. Not since my original NES and I found I could play this without much trouble at all. So with a not too difficult challenge the story keeps you going as does the visuals. Love the graphics and setting. You play as a father who is searching desperately to find his daughter. Along the way you meet interesting characters, some of who are friendly and others who are not.

It took me around 6 hours to complete so you can finish it in with just a few game sessions. Will our protagonist find his daughter? Or will he find something else?

Should you buy this game? YES.

Unturned Review

If you enjoy griefing or DayZ with Minecraft graphics, this game is for you. PvP is a griefers dream here. However PvE is a toxic wasteland as people still would rather grief than grind out to get their loot. Having hosted a PvE server on Easy it is amazing how awful this community is. Set the rules on the server for no griefing, hard time finding adult admins to police the server and players just want to grief. You could slay a hundred a day and it would make no difference. Endless supply of griefers. Continue reading

Grab Killing Floor – Tripwire’s Zed Slaughtering Engine for Free





Humble Bundle is giving away free copies of Tripwire’s popular Killing Floor co-op first person shooter and also have put Killing Floor 2 on sale for 50% off ($14.99), the Digital Deluxe Edition is also 50% off ($19.99) with the Digital Deluxe Upgrade going for 50% off as well ($5.00). These are the same prices currently available on Steam during their Steam Summer Sale. Good timing as Killing Floor 2 is currently undergoing it’s Summer Sideshow Event. Continue reading

Huge Summer Sale at GamersGate – Plenty of Zombie Discounts


GamersGate is having their annual summer sale through July 10th with new offers every 3-4 days.

Some choice decaying flesh includes savings on Killing Floor 2 ($12.12), Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition ($16.16), Zombie Solitaire ($3.15), Dead Age ($6.36), Trapped Dead ($0.90), Trapped Dead Lockdown ($0.90), Survivor Squad ($0.27), Survivor Squad Guantlets ($0.95) and Deadly 30 ($1.20).

Contagion Review


This is another game where I wish you had a third option besides just yes/no. But since I do not think it’s a yes then I have to choose no.

This game has way too many flaws to recommend which is a shame because I think it expanded on Left 4 Dead by adding different types of game modes and being able to ADS.

The biggest problem with the game is that it crashes all the time. If you finish a game and decide to switch to another server “crash”. If you are waiting for the next round “crash”. It crashes at least once every game session I have with it. I have friends who play and it happens to them also.
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ZombieRush Review


Since I played this game, it is no longer available to purchase on Steam due to the author buying reviews. The game was pretty awful. Repetitive music, horrible control scheme and gets boring after a half minute. If it’s in your Steam library just get the cards and convert them to gems. Don’t spend anymore time than that on it.