Latest Humble Bundle is from Capcom with Great Zombie games like Resident Evil and Dead Rising

The latest Humble Bundle released today is from Capcom called the Capcom Rising Bundle. Offering $229 worth of great games. There are three tiers and some bonuses and as always, purchases help support charity.

The first tier, pay $1 or more gets you three games.

  • Strider which retails normally for $15 and currently sits at a very positive 87% with Steam users. Strider is a Metroidvania type platformer that was released in 2014. This game has Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.
  • Umbrella Corps which was Capcom’s PVP shooter take on Resident Evil. It currently lists for $30, $40 for a Deluxe Version exists. The game however has been poorly received. It currently stands at Mostly Negative with just 34% giving it a “Yes” vote. The game released over a year ago June 21, 2016. According to Steam Spy the game has only 8,800 owners. Not good for a multiplayer game. It also show under 1,000 people have played it in the last two weeks. It has Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. My advice if you get this tier, farm the cards and sell them.
  • DmC: Devil May Cry a very good Action Hack and Slash game and the fifth installment in the Devil May Cry series serving as a reboot. It currently sits with Very Positive review with 94% giving it a “Yes”. The game was released in 2013 and has both Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.

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