Unturned Review

If you enjoy griefing or DayZ with Minecraft graphics, this game is for you. PvP is a griefers dream here. However PvE is a toxic wasteland as people still would rather grief than grind out to get their loot. Having hosted a PvE server on Easy it is amazing how awful this community is. Set the rules on the server for no griefing, hard time finding adult admins to police the server and players just want to grief. You could slay a hundred a day and it would make no difference. Endless supply of griefers. Continue reading

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombotron Mod now available for download


Zod has released his Zombotron Mod for Call of Duty Black Ops for all who wish to host a server as the current server will be shut down after tonight.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed it. You can grab the mod here: Black Ops Zombotron Mod and you can find the RCON files here: Black Ops Zombotron RCON files