Deadlight Review

If you’re not great at platformers, don’t worry, this game is gentle. Great story and easy accessibility. Worth the current sale price. I haven’t really played platformers in decades. Not since my original NES and I found I could play this without much trouble at all. So with a not too difficult challenge the story keeps you going as does the visuals. Love the graphics and setting. You play as a father who is searching desperately to find his daughter. Along the way you meet interesting characters, some of who are friendly and others who are not.

It took me around 6 hours to complete so you can finish it in with just a few game sessions. Will our protagonist find his daughter? Or will he find something else?

Should you buy this game? YES.

Unturned Review

If you enjoy griefing or DayZ with Minecraft graphics, this game is for you. PvP is a griefers dream here. However PvE is a toxic wasteland as people still would rather grief than grind out to get their loot. Having hosted a PvE server on Easy it is amazing how awful this community is. Set the rules on the server for no griefing, hard time finding adult admins to police the server and players just want to grief. You could slay a hundred a day and it would make no difference. Endless supply of griefers. Continue reading

Contagion Review


This is another game where I wish you had a third option besides just yes/no. But since I do not think it’s a yes then I have to choose no.

This game has way too many flaws to recommend which is a shame because I think it expanded on Left 4 Dead by adding different types of game modes and being able to ADS.

The biggest problem with the game is that it crashes all the time. If you finish a game and decide to switch to another server “crash”. If you are waiting for the next round “crash”. It crashes at least once every game session I have with it. I have friends who play and it happens to them also.
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ZombieRush Review


Since I played this game, it is no longer available to purchase on Steam due to the author buying reviews. The game was pretty awful. Repetitive music, horrible control scheme and gets boring after a half minute. If it’s in your Steam library just get the cards and convert them to gems. Don’t spend anymore time than that on it.