Deadlight Review

If you’re not great at platformers, don’t worry, this game is gentle. Great story and easy accessibility. Worth the current sale price. I haven’t really played platformers in decades. Not since my original NES and I found I could play this without much trouble at all. So with a not too difficult challenge the story keeps you going as does the visuals. Love the graphics and setting. You play as a father who is searching desperately to find his daughter. Along the way you meet interesting characters, some of who are friendly and others who are not.

It took me around 6 hours to complete so you can finish it in with just a few game sessions. Will our protagonist find his daughter? Or will he find something else?

Should you buy this game? YES.

ZombieRush Review


Since I played this game, it is no longer available to purchase on Steam due to the author buying reviews. The game was pretty awful. Repetitive music, horrible control scheme and gets boring after a half minute. If it’s in your Steam library just get the cards and convert them to gems. Don’t spend anymore time than that on it.