Contagion Review


This is another game where I wish you had a third option besides just yes/no. But since I do not think it’s a yes then I have to choose no.

This game has way too many flaws to recommend which is a shame because I think it expanded on Left 4 Dead by adding different types of game modes and being able to ADS.

The biggest problem with the game is that it crashes all the time. If you finish a game and decide to switch to another server “crash”. If you are waiting for the next round “crash”. It crashes at least once every game session I have with it. I have friends who play and it happens to them also.
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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombotron Mod now available for download


Zod has released his Zombotron Mod for Call of Duty Black Ops for all who wish to host a server as the current server will be shut down after tonight.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed it. You can grab the mod here: Black Ops Zombotron Mod and you can find the RCON files here: Black Ops Zombotron RCON files